Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One more trip down.

It's now Feb. 2009, and I'm doing this all by myself. The girls might need a heart when they see this.
I had a very interesting Dr. apt. on the 12th. My sister Ann went with me this time, (By the time I'm through with this wait, I will probley have gone through both sisters, all sister-in-laws, plus nieces and a few nephews). Dad goes whenever he can. Anyway the results this time was very good. My heart has not deteriorated at all since the last apt. in Sept. Don't get to excited because it didn't get any better either. During the Heart Cath they didn't need to use nitro to bring the pressure down. Every other visit it has taken up to two nitro.
Now here comes the interesting part. The cath was done at 9:00am, and clinic is at 1:00pm.
(The hickie on my neck shows I made it through the 18 or 19 cath o.k. ) During the cath one of my favorite Transplant coordinator came in and was telling me how I was there main subject the last few meetings. I was going down hill faster then they thought. Sooooooooooo I was telling Ann durning lunch what she thought about that. We both came to the same thought that I was getting close to the top of the list. Clinic itself takes about 1 hour. I see the Transplant Team one at a time, then all together.
Well guess what? It wasn't my heart they were worried about. They want me to see a phyic
They told me that the waiting is the worst part of the whole transplant process. I guess they don't think my family is a big enough support group. Needless to say I left upset. I thought my turn was coming. They want me to go to therapy. Anyway you look at it life is a chanlenge. So please keep me in your prayers. "All good things come to those who wait" All those who read this. Help me get thru this. Lots of Love, Grandma J

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our 15th Grandchild

This is our 9th Grandson Due June 15th

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Helping Hand!

The above pic is Emma and Sarah With Grandma J this last Sept while J was here for a Doctor Apt. She Drove up here with Aunt Betty and the next day was admitted to the hospital because she had retained too much water. And they were able to get off nearly 2 gallons of Water. And then she was released the next day. So I took the girls up to Betty's to see her. We had a fun day of cuddling the girls and resting!

So Since mom needs a little help with the whole blog thing hopefully together Pooh Bear and I can help keep her caught up.

We hope to keep all those that are interested in how she is doing. As of now we are still waiting for a new Heart. But in the meantime she is doing all that she can to keep herself as healthy as possible. Which is hard especially durning the winter months. Dr's recommend that ANYONE that comes in contact with her on a regular basis to have a flu shot. That is one way to do our part.

Another thing that Mom is doing now is her own fundraiser. She has been making Aprons and Hot Pads also making kits to make your own greeting cards and selling them. All of the money that she makes from them go directly in the account that has been set up for her Heart Fund. That all helps with her trips to UT for her Dr apt's and for her Meds etc...

Continued prayers in her behalf are greatly appreciated. I know that at times she gets a little discouraged but with family and friends keeping her in their prayers has been so helpful. It really keeps her going! Thank You. Moms family and friends mean the WORLD to her!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

J's Home again July 15, 2008

I had such a wonderful time with Cher and her little family.

Our new little Sarah looks just like her beautiful mommy.

The first Sunday I held her nearly all day, then the next day,
and the next,and the next. Sometime during the week I

complained to Cher that I had a stiff neck. She had no

sympathy at all for me. She said all I do is hold the baby

and stare stare at her all day.

Now can you see why all I wanted to do was hold these two beautiful dolls. And whats more is

that I was healthy the whole time I was there. All I really need in life is my wonderful husband,

my wonderful kids, and all my beautiful grandchildren.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome family and friend Bloggers

Alright I am now in the middle of a learning blog session. I hope it goes better then the first one by myself.

I (J) am here in Utah at the moment, helping Cher recover from a second wonderful C-section.

Wonderful because it wasn't me, and wonderful because now we have another beautiful granddaughter. I am loving every waking minute being with grandkids. This is my joy in the Empty-Nest life.

The only downfall is that Papa gets left behind, and I know he wants to be here too. So Pooh, check on the old fart now and again. OK? Hey, am I doing better. I hope I can remember how I got here when I get home. Take care.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

new things to learn

This is all new stuff for me, so
i'm learning as
i go.

i diffent thins but crap happens.

i go.

hang in there